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China Packaging and Container Exhibition 2021

July 17, 2021

2021 Shanghai Packaging Container Exhibition PACKCON

China Packaging and Container Exhibition 2021

Exhibition time: July 14 to 16, 2021

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizers: China Packaging Federation, Reed Exhibitions Group - Shanghai Reed Exhibitions Co., LTD

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China Packaging Container Exhibition is a full range of packaging container exhibition platform jointly created by China Packaging Federation and Shanghai Lai Xin Exhibition Co., LTD. The exhibition address is Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition focuses on packaging and containers of paper, plastic, metal, glass and other materials, bringing together innovative packaging materials, packaging structure, packaging design and overall packaging solutions, which represents the new trend of China's packaging development and a large platform for innovative packaging services.

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[Scope of Exhibition]

Paper packaging containers (color boxes, paper bags, paper cans, paper cups, paper buckets, corrugated boxes, paper trays, honeycomb, hanging tags, paper tubes, paper straws, paper bowls, pulp molding, plant fiber tableware, paper exhibition racks, paper cover film, corrugated sleeves, aseptic bags, paper Angle protectors and paper buffer materials, etc.);

Plastic packaging containers (flexible packaging, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic boxes, plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic tubes, plastic covers, blisters packaging, injection molding packaging, non-woven fabric products, disposable plastic lunch boxes, chopsticks and knives and forks, plastic cover film, labels, plastic cans, plastic buffer packaging, etc.);

Glass packaging containers (wine bottles, daily packaging glass bottles, tins, medicine bottles, chemical reagent bottles, glasses, etc.);

Metal packaging containers (metal boxes, metal cans, metal barrels, metal aerosol cans, metal covers, aluminum foil packaging, coated iron, etc.);

Packaging of other materials: Container packaging services (packaging design scheme, overall packaging solution service, Packaging Internet + platform, personalized packaging solutions, etc.);

Packaging machinery and equipment: Packaging materials and accessories (biodegradable plastic, aseptic packaging materials, packaging materials, antisepsis packaging materials, functional thin film, packaging materials, fiber products, self-adhesive materials, bottle caps, easy pull cover, pump head, hose, handle, zipper, paper materials, plastic sheet, sheet metal, paper food contact materials, Plastic food can be removed materials, plastic film, anti-counterfeiting packaging materials and anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions, sealing gaskets, etc.), intelligent packaging and related material accessories.

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